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Arisia Travel Plans

Well, I'm reasonably certain I'm driving to Boston.  This is because I'll be taking ginevra007's con stuff up with me (she's coming straight from vacation) and picking up stuff for the dd's from persis.

What this will probably mean is going North on Thursday with a stop to visit Mom at the home, a side trip to the BB New Jersey, then either RON on Phila or move a little farther N into NJ.  Friday will finish the trip with maybe a stop or two along the way.

Monday will start the return trip.  I'll try to get home in one day, though I'm blocking out Tue as a leave day just in case.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because if you're planning to go to Arisia and speed is not an issue, I have space for at least one person.  I'd like as least some share of the gas and toll expenses in return but, since I going even if I'm alone, I can be flexible about this.

I'll screen comments so I don't have to turn anyone down in public.