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Greetings from Log Base Laurel!

No, I haven't deployed again - "Logistics Base Laurel" is my name for the rental house I currently occupy.  My landlord (a Markland type) calls it "The Feif," though the transaction is pretty much fee simple - no shirts for me and no service against the Counts of Frederick and Cecil for a month in the summer for him.
I call it a logistics base (log base for short) because of my main purpose here, which is best summed up as "move in, get organized, get out."  For years now much of my stuff has been sitting in bins and boxes while I've been hither and yon, sometimes way yon.  Besides the expense of renting a storage facility, there's the hassle of not having access to your stuff.  There are things I almost certainly don't need, but are too far back in the pile to get out without hassle.  There are things that I want that I have no idea where they might be.  Finally, I feel the need to simplify my life down to something easier to maintain.  This can be a real problem when much of your self image is tied up in things:  books, costumes, games - many that, viewed in the clear light of reason, are things from a former me.
So, the plan is to clear out the storage, get everything into the house, sort it down to a reasonable amount of stuff while selling/freecycling/giving away the excess.  After that, I can look into longer term housing.
In the meantime, this will still be a place to live and I am going to do my best to "settle in" rather than "make do."  I want to have people over and otherwise maintain a social life.  The girls have taken to wargaming pretty well and I hope to continue that trend.  I hope to either take up the mantle of the monthly "craft nights" that were held by the landlord and certainly want a "Federal Winter Holiday" party of some sort.
Hopefully, come the spring I'll be settled in items and funding that I can figure out what comes next.
Tags: cruft, housing
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