tacnukesoul (tacnukesoul) wrote,

[College Park, MD - 23 Feb 2013] Clockwork Werewulf Update - Ticket Deadline Extended!

 We are down to a week before the Clockwork Werewulf II, our steampunk ball (http://midlantic-steam.livejournal.com/51358.html) so here is an update:
First, we have extended the deadline for buying tickets at the $30 price to this Thursday, the 21st!  Paypal to: ddelaney103@gmail.com
Tickets at the door are $35 (cash only), as available.
The doors will open at 7 and there will be a short lesson in vintage dancing (polkas and waltzes) at 7:30.
At 8 the dancing will start with a Grand March and follow with dancing on and off until 11.
There will be light refreshments and punch.
There will also be a photography booth where you can have "prom photos" of your steamy finery for a fee.
Hopefully there will one or two surprises (of the pleasant variety - most events can't avoid the other type and I suspect we'll have our share as well).
More details as we have them - see you in a week!
Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/509057735780520/
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