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Housing Update

In the house - barely.  Stuff still in lots of places, mostly first floor.  Progress made on bedroom - now have wardrobe to take some of the excess hangerage but still need to find heavy duty closet rail solution.
Other things on the "do it sooner" list:  getting elliptical machine back in operation, more plywood for the attic to make sorting and storage easier, and make the kitchen more user friendly.
I will also need to ponder the winter.  Standard GHI (Greenbelt Homes, Inc., the co-op I live in) homes are miserable from an HVAC standpoint and, well, Winter is Coming.  I will need to ponder how to handle the oncoming cold with the houses baseboard electric heaters and whatever else I might want to use.  The goal is to keep the costs down without bursting the pipes or otherwise turning it into a miserable place to winter over.
Still, being able to walk to places for the essentials (grocery, library, local watering hole) and a few luxuries (farmers' market, acceptable pizza and cheese steaks) is something I've been missing for a while.  On a larger scope, the location is good and getting to work (from, not so much) or to Glen Echo or other events is much easier.  There will be a learning curve to living in the new place, but at least I'm moving along it now.



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Sep. 10th, 2013 06:06 pm (UTC)
Putting insulating film over the windows has really helped us. And it doesn't cut the light levels at all...
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