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Hawkeswood Station, Expedition Two: Day 93 Mission Report

 Why "Hawkeswood Station?"  I guess I was trying to capture the feel of the new/not so new place.  While I was moving in, the girls had been living there for years.  This led to a moving dance where the girls' things from the old place went to the new apt with mom while my stuff went to my new place.  Also, I'm still getting rid of things, so there is still a lot of boxes in various rooms and halls.  I figure the closest approximation is on the ISS when a new mission commander comes aboard while the same space cadets/mission specialists from the prior expedition remain.  The station is crowded with extra stuff, similar to the unloading of a Progress resupply freighter.  Now we're working to get the equipment stowed and the excess back out of the station.
Hawkeswood Station also gives the feel of a place without a surfeit of storage.  Being here with the girls will be an experiment in de-crufting on a massive level.  While I will never reach the point of being able to live out of an RV, I think I can end up with a lot less stuff.  Bringing the girls along for the ride will be a tougher matter.  I'll do my best to lead by example and work on clearing out the stuff they can't wear and expand from there.
The other thing to get used to here is the environmental controls.  This place is pretty old school: window AC units and a few electric baseboard heaters scattered around the place.  Since I am in the GHI section, which is a co-op, the rules of changing the place are convoluted.  I'm still pondering what might be the best way to heat the place from both a cost and efficiency PoV.  So I'll be curious to see how the winter turns out.
Another parallel to the ISS - the difficulties for modifications at GHI are even more so for any expansions, which I would really like to do.  Adding a toilet/shower to the first floor is almost mandatory (someday one or both of the girls might develop obsessive hygiene) and is pretty easy from an co-op approval standpoint.  Expanding the first floor for a bedroom (something I'd like/want/need if this place became a home for the latter years) is much tougher.
However, that's a bit down the road.  Now is trying to cull the herd of stuff and working to avoid too much in the attic - or anywhere else for that matter.
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