tacnukesoul (tacnukesoul) wrote,

WMD Thunderdome

In my 20+ years of service, I've spent a lot of time on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons - NBC then, now known as WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).  We learned to defend against it, the symptoms of it, how to stick ourselves with autoinjectors if all else failed.  The names still roll through my head:  phosgene, VX, alpha particles, anthrax.  I can reach behind me for the book seaglassblue gave me from Brassey's Publishing on NBC and page through pages of descriptions and pictures.  I always though that I'd never have to deal with it, not really.

Now, I read the ongoing struggles where my friends flood themselves with poisons, or bombard themselves with radiation, in order to stop their self-produced biological weapons.  It's a much different world than I expected...
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