tacnukesoul (tacnukesoul) wrote,

...I will support and defend the Constitution...

Today, with almost no fanfare (I really didn't want to make a scene or have it be a roll call spectacle, so it was a quick swearing in in the only office with a flag we could find) I reenlisted for another six years, or possibly two years and nine months.

I've now gotten to the point where I have to get my final promotion as an enlisted person or face High Year of Tenure, or HYT.  HYT is the "up or out" of the military world.  I will hit my bump point in a little under three years.  So now I continue to pimp myself out to possible jobs while slogging through the drill weekends.  This unit hasn't been what I hoped it would be.  Part of that is probably shaking off the lack of enthusiasm for a lot of things and part has been the unit has had a lot of growing pains with still more to come.  Still, I think I have a few dances left before I leave the floor.
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