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Hello Old Friend...

 Well, it has been a while. I've been pretty bad at updates for both good and bad reasons. Life has been busy and a bit tiring, but it has also been really good. Problem is, "Man invented language to satisfy his deep inner need to complain,"and lj is no exception.

However, I'm trying to make this more of a journal of my life and not simply a place to record the potholes on the road of life. Along those lines, here's a short(ish) summation.

Shuttle 6/7 (Car) - Shuttlepod Priestly (my Honda Fit), while paid off, is starting to have problems meeting the adjusted mission parameters. When I bought it in 2010, I was planning on one adult, a six and a 10 year old as the max passenger load. With loading stuff in the way back and the front passenger seat, that was enough car for trips with enough luggage for cons and such.

However, lately I've been moving two adults and three children, all of whom cosplay. For all it's magic when it comes to storage space, the Fit is not rated for that sort of haulage. Moreover, being able to give the girls more space might make life easier for everyone. So I'm looking at an upgrade. Right now the most likely candidate for my seventh car is the Mazda 5.

Hawkeswood Station (Home) - it is coming along really well. Most of the easy interior stuff and the major decrufting are done. Next in the short term are going through both my mundane and cosplay closets with an eye towards sending a bunch of stuff that I'm unlikely to use on to a new home where it will.

My younger daughter has gotten behind the decrufting effort in her room (with a little help), while the older one has dug in behind barricades made of clothes and books. More on that story as it develops.

The longer term plan has the same parts as before, but I still haven't figured out the best order of pursuing them. The house could use three things for long term use: a bathroom on the first floor, an improved HVAC system and a bedroom on the first floor. The bedroom is a really long term need, but I'd like to be in a place where I can live on one floor most of the day if needed.

Life in General - Good, mostly. I've been fortunately to meet someone wonderful and who has become a big part of my life over the last two years. I still have the stresses from work, the Reserves, and getting the girls through the day with the minimum daily allowance of healthy food, homework and sleep, but things are still going pretty well.

The combination of consolidating my debt under a loan from my Thrift Savings Plan, wiping out some more by dropping my tax refund on it and being a little better about eating at home has made the financial picture much rosier. I'm not rolling in it, but I feel a lot more comfortable going forward.

The Near Term - I'm planning a few trips this year. Besides the usual cons (Balticon, DragonCon) there will be a few new things (TravellerCon and taking the younger daughter to BroneyCon). This will also be a Disney trip year in the Halloween time frame, as well as a couple of mini trips in the summer.

Well, that's enough for now. I will do my best to make more regular entries going forward.

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